Hand blender or pot blender to choose from?

Hand blender or pot blender to choose from?

For many people, blenders can be an indispensable accessory in their kitchens, but if you like to innovate in your dishes as much as we do, you know very well that it is really an essential.

It is clear that the ideal is to be able to buy both in the future, because these are complementary tools and do not compete with each other, as we believe at the beginning, but if you have to choose between one or the other or want to see if you really use as much as you think, we will tell you what are the main differences, advantages and disadvantages of the purchase
to one or the other, so that you can evaluate and consider the one that best suits your main needs.

And if you think it’s convenient in the future, you can buy the other one at any time, this way your kitchen will be more equipped and you won’t have any “uncovered” needs.

The blender: what is it used for?

First things first. A blender, whether by hand or with a pot, is used to crush, beat and mix food, to obtain a product with very small particles, having control over the thickness or shape of our mixture at any time. The recipes you can make with them are many and varied, from food for your baby, to smoothies to lose weight (or not), gazpacho, mousse, soups, sauces, creams… And a long etc.

Blender the Emag you will find a complete range of blenders!

We need to think carefully about our need for coverage because, depending on our purpose, we will choose one type of blender or another. Here are the pros and cons, as well as the recipes for which each one is suitable!

A blender with a bowl or an American, a classic!

Yes, these mixers are from movies, they usually have a tempting and appetizing design and we never get tired of seeing them in American movies, but what are the pros and cons?

Advantages of the bowl blender:

– Its dish usually has a larger capacity, so if you cook for 2 or more people, it will be ideal for you.

– Stronger: This has been and continues to be the case, but it is a reality that the new hand blenders are quite close, with similar powers.

– Usually, we immediately think of smoothies, but crushing ice or frozen food will not be a problem for this blender.

– Very fast: If you want to save time, this is the best blender for you!

– Regardless, it will not be necessary to sit next to him waiting to finish or use it manually to prepare food, it will be enough to introduce the food and put it to work.

– Easy to clean. It will only be necessary to clean the dishwasher, which can be washed in the dishwasher, although we recommend manual cleaning.

Disadvantages of the bowl blender:

– It takes up more space: Yes, this is its main disadvantage. It is true that it takes up useful space (in general) on our countertop, so if you have a little space, it may not be very

– The vessel is usually made of glass, so we must be careful to use it well and keep it out of the reach of children.

– Noisy: They are a bit noisier than hand blenders, so if you are less sensitive to noise, it may not be the most suitable.

The bowl blender is ideal for smoothies.

Yes, shakes and smoothies are their specialty, but not their only purpose! They are also ideal for all kinds of creams, cold soups, juices, vegetable milk, homemade ice cream, almond or peanut butter, etc. You can choose a premium product Biovita blender from Emag.

Manual blender: use and benefits!

If you need an extra hand in the kitchen, this is the blender you are looking for. Before you start with its benefits, it is important to know that these blenders can normally be purchased with or without accessories. It is necessary to make a good choice at the time of purchase, because otherwise it can become a disadvantage.

Advantages of the manual mixer:

– Comfortable to use. They are maneuverable, so their use is simple and they are “docile” and obedient

– Easy to clean and store: It is very easy to clean, as its parts are divisible and you can store them in any closet with minimal space.

– It takes up little space: Unlike what happens with the pot blender, it will not be necessary to have it in sight, but rather allows us to enjoy the useful space of our kitchen and take it out when it is necessary.

Disadvantages of the manual mixer:

– If you buy it without accessories, it may be unusable for certain recipes you want to make in the future, so it will be unproductive. Our recommendation is to buy it with
accessories, because the price usually increases slightly, unless you are very clear that you will only use it for something.

The hand mixer is ideal for creams.

We like to use it for those creams and purees in which we want to control the finish, such as: fine creams, purees, pastries (such as pancakes), guacamole, mayonnaise, hummus, pasta sauces such as pesto, etc.

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