Global Village.. Treasures of the East and West adorn all wings

Global Village.. Treasures of the East and West adorn all wings

A wide range of arts offered by Global Village, the first family destination for shopping and entertainment, as it takes the visitor on board the pavilions of countries to the creations of various countries, whether in sculpture and painting, or even to the creations of the world of accessories and precious stones.

Between the corridors of the pavilions and its various corners, areas dedicated to art pieces that reflect cultures from around the world, and highlight the civilizations of peoples from the East and West, as the owners of these creations are keen to participate in the global village seasons annually, so that the destination turns into a station that provides them with an opportunity to present their art to visitors looking for Distinguished pieces, and arts that delight the eye and satisfy those with refined tastes.

traditional arts

Of wood and copper, you will be surprised by a group of carvings that embody faces, bodies and animals in the African pavilion, and the colors of carved wood intersect with bends and twists between black and brown, as well as faces made of copper and wood, while Senegalese Serensar Mbaye sits on his chair and works on edging and polishing the carved wood.

Mbaye said of the sculptures he brings to the global village: “Senegal is famous for the art of wood carving, which is one of the traditional arts that old people still preserve, but it is limited in popularity among young people. This type of sculpture is a heritage work in Senegal.”

Embai has not been absent from the Global Village since 2015, and this participation comes with an internal desire to present Senegalese culture to the world, as he found that the Global Village is an opportunity that is not available in other countries, as it receives visitors of all nationalities.

He explained that “the sculptures he exhibits attract many people from different countries, especially from the UAE, India, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Iran.” Regarding these masterpieces of various sizes, he indicated that they can be dealt with as complementary pieces of home furniture, as they are suitable for creating decorations, whether inside or outside the house, stressing the importance of not leaving them directly exposed to the sun so as not to damage the wood due to high heat or humidity.

A single piece that is produced entirely by hand may take days of continuous work of carving, polishing and treating the wood after the carving is finished, in order to preserve its luster for life, according to Mbaye, who added, “These sculptures do not require special care, But sometimes the wood needs polishing to give it a smooth and distinctive finish.” In addition to wood carvings, Embai displays a group of faces made of wood and copper, pointing out that it has become less present in his country, because it requires high efficiency in industry and design, as it relies on copper and not only wood, noting that they sculpt all shapes and faces in a realistic and abstract manner, as well as All kinds of animals through this art.

gold plated

For his part, Indian Parad Raichura, founder of Visruti Accessories, travels to Dubai annually, in particular, to participate in the Global Village season, and then returns to his country in order to produce new collections of accessories.

“The designs that we offer are divided into two parts: contemporary designs that women of different nationalities and ages desire, as well as Arab designs, which are specifically requested from specific nationalities, and are often requested for special celebrations,” Raichora told Emirates Today. He explained that “the designs are all made of gold-plated silver, so their color does not change, and this is what has created trust between him and the customers who visit him annually since his first participation in the village 20 years ago.”

He added, “Traditional accessories are very popular and in great demand, especially those made with artificial pearls, which are popular with many Gulf and Arab nationalities.”

In addition to the Arab taste, Raichora offers some pieces that bear Indian features, and they vary between hoops and earrings, or even pieces that are used to adorn hair. The Indian manufacturer, who has been participating in the Global Village for two decades, confirmed that over those years, he found a distinct market in the region, and built a solid base with customers, and today he places his group within two stores in the Indian Pavilion.


Between the colors of precious stones and the aesthetics of their shapes, Muhammad Abdullah, from the “Treasures of Sinbad” shop, offers pieces of accessories made of precious stones that highlight the Yemeni heritage. The designs that it displays bear the famous Yemeni stones, including the agate, which is the most famous gemstone in that country, due to the positive energy it carries to humans.

Muhammad explained that “Yemeni agate is extracted from Mount Anas, in addition to a wide range of stones that are characterized by carrying a lot of positive energies, including the colored blood stone that is extracted from the mountain itself, and also carries good energy.”

The Yemeni manufacturer offers stones in a variety of designs, some of which come in the form of swimming pools or rings and contracts, pointing out that after the end of the village season he returns to his country, in order to collect stones and start developing new designs to build groups that can be presented in the next season in the village.

Regarding the most prominent Yemeni stones, Muhammad said: “Agate is the first stone in Yemen, along with amber, which is the second most prominent stone in our country. For those who do not have the ability to pay the price of the stone.”

Mohammed, who has been keen to participate in the global village seasons for 11 years, confirmed that he will participate in the coming years, given the success that the destination offers him.

6 months to prepare

Makers and business owners confirmed to “Emirates Today” that they go to the Global Village to present works of art they have prepared for many months, describing the famous family destination as a prominent station for them to present their diverse creations.

They added that after the end of the village season, they work to return to their home countries, as they begin preparing sculptural works and sets of accessories to be presented in the next season. They stressed that this market stimulates creativity and offers everything that is distinctive, given the multinationality of guests and visitors and the diversity of their requests.

• A wide range of arts offered by the famous destination, as it accompanies the visitor to the creativity of countries and the cultures of their people.



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