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Bamboo in modern furniture decoration ideas adds a special touch of design sense, giving a royal look, there are many ways to use the bamboo plant to design your home decor, which can give you attractive and elegant interior designs, so the seventh day reviews the best decoration ideas for designing your home using bamboo according to the site ” homeartmania” As follows:

Charming Bamboo Decor in the Bedroom:

If you want to include bamboo in your room decor with an elegant and cool look, you should choose this design, it is strong but simple in cost for your home design which makes it more preferred, as you can use it to separate the bedroom and the dressing room or the bathroom attached to the room.

bamboo wall:

Bamboo wall can be used to divide a large room and divide it into two or three depending on the space.

The use of bamboo in furnishing a living room:

You can use the mysterious bamboo material in your living room décor by stacking it horizontally like a wall, adding green plantings and yellow sun-colored lights.

Replacing bamboo wallpaper:

You can have the bamboo wallcovering in your living room, it is perfect for the compact apartment where you need to make smart decor.

Royal Bamboo Ladders:

For interior staircase designs, bamboo staircase design is a smart way, you can find the bamboo staircase decor idea best among all the other ways to use it to decorate your home.

Bamboo dressing room:

This room is a lot of girls’ dream room and it gets better when the room has such wonderful bamboo wallcovering, this room has a natural touch with bamboo all over the interior.

Great wall art using bamboo:

Your home design would be incomplete without such artistic wall art, use bamboo frames and decorate your room with complementing colors and fabrics in wall art.


bamboo wood
bamboo wood

bamboo plant
bamboo plant

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