Fasting menu for a week at the Poiana Maicilor Hermitage

Fasting menu for a week at the Poiana Maicilor Hermitage

Because it is Friday and we are in Lent, we propose to you for reading the main dishes included in the menus of the Orthodox monasteries in Romania. The Defender of Orthodoxy website presents us with a menu, for a regular week of Lent (in the first and last week the fast is harsher), recommended by Mother Nectaria from Poiana Maicilor Hermitage, Neamț County. oil only on Saturdays and Sundays and mothers eat only twice a day, in the morning at 10.00, in the afternoon at 15.00. On Sundays, it is obviously not eaten in the morning, but only for lunch and dinner.
Monday: morning (10.00) – tea, baked potatoes, green lentils, olives, bitter cherry jam, bread; lunch (15.00) – nettle soup, bean meal, gogonele, plum compote, apples, bread.
Tuesday: morning – tea, bean stew, sweet rice, melon jam, bread; lunch – bean soup, mashed potatoes, nettles, polenta, garlic, cherry compote, bananas, bread.
Wednesday: morning – tea, homemade soybeans, natural potatoes, plum jam, bread; lunch – tomato soup, green beans, puree, polenta, garlic, fruit juice.
Thursday: morning – tea, oriental salad, old boiled beans, cranberry jam, bread; lunch – cream vegetable soup, pilaf, mushrooms boiled with a little onion, bread, halva.
Friday: morning – tea, baked potatoes, marinated ghebe salad, cherry jam, bread; lunch – vegetable broth with broccoli, pots, cucumbers in vinegar, fruit salad.
Saturday: morning – soy milk, bread, chickpeas, french fries, olives, spinach salad; lunch – mushroom soup (mushrooms), puree, soy schnitzels, sauerkraut salad, fasting pancakes, bread.
Sunday: lunch – mushroom soup (mushrooms), trout (by Florii, when there is fish release), fasting sarmale, soy meatballs, fasting cake; dinner – tea, bread, mashed potatoes, salad of vegetables, various fruits.

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