Examples of stone decorations in the exterior facades

Examples of stone decorations in the exterior facades

The use of stone was limited to the classic facades that seem to be the same, but the stone finally contributes to making the “modern” facades of buildings or villas, which are harmonious in form, without being symmetrical. More about the decoration of the exterior facades made of stone, in detailed models from the interior designer Reham Farran.

Stone decorations on the exterior facades

interface model; A frame appears in the design of each layer
  • More than one size and color (light and dark) and a type of stone (smooth and embossed) are used in the preparation of the external facades, in order to add a double attractiveness to the building. In this context, the engineer, Riham, lists some types of suitable stones, in this context, including: the Italian smooth Traventino and the sandstone, which occupies an intermediate position between the smooth and rough types, in addition to the shiny stone called the polished, and the latter is very smooth and engraved stone. She adds that “ceramic can be combined with stone in the exterior facades.”
Interior Design Engineer Reham Farran
  • There is a model represented in covering the external facade with bas-relief stone, while framing the facade with smooth stone (or ceramic). In this case, the windows and doors, in turn, are framed, but in a different way from the two types of stone used in the facade, and its frame, with the call of the engineer Reham to make the stone surrounding the windows (and doors) prominent. The engineer explains that the frame may surround the entire structure consisting of more than one layer, or it may be located in each layer, bearing in mind that in the latter case the work indicates a more rich design.
  • There is a second model represented in covering the facade with embossed stone, or smooth, with framing the facade, on one side, in the form of an inverted letter, with dark stone (or parquet-like ceramic), provided that the second side of the facade frame includes three thin columns high in parallel or multiple lengths.
Harmony between the stone in the building facade, the iron that makes the door, and the green seedlings
  • There is a third model represented in covering the facade with smooth or engraved stone, with framing the facade, in the form of an inverted letter U in a layer, provided that the writing of the aforementioned letter continues with the mediation of the stone in the second layer. The crafts are executed by bas-relief stone, provided that the spaces between the two layers include hanging plants. In this case, the balustrade is made of greenish glass.

Terrace decorations

Stone is used in the designs of classic facades, as well as “modern”.
  1. The stone for the “terrace” raised from the facade is distinguished by its dark color and different type from the other parts of the building. Iron (or glass) is incorporated into the terrace.
  2. Lighting green, blue or red is illuminated on the facade, starting from the floor, to make the stonework clear and attractive at night.
  3. If the ceilings are clear in the facade, false ceilings are used, because they show luxury, beyond the paint. Spots are included in the design.

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