Decoration ideas to decorate the entrances to small apartments

Decoration ideas to decorate the entrances to small apartments

The entrances in the small apartments give up their role in providing the first glimpses to the visitors of the prevailing decorations, and their function is limited to providing a corridor to the other sections, due to the narrowness.. About the entrances in the small apartments, the interior design engineer Reham Farran says that “in modern buildings in cities, the spaces are smaller The apartments, which makes the entrances act exclusively as a distributor to the rooms, and contain many doors.Therefore, the decorative work is concentrated on the walls, while removing the elements that distribute on the floor and “chop” the space. More ideas for decorating the entrances to small apartments, in the following.

Ideas for decorating the entrances of narrow homes

In a modern, narrow apartment, the function of the entrance is limited to providing a passage to the other rooms
  • The wall opposite the main house door is covered in a light-coloured material, such as wallpaper (or stone, ceramic or foam), and receives small paintings, so that a group represents a specific theme. The design work on the aforementioned wall is reinforced by the large “appliques” distributed on both sides of it, or even two pairs of lamps are placed on the “console” shelf, to the right and left. Above the panels is a “console” which is a shelf with a menu on one side or without it.
Interior Design Engineer Reham Farran
  • There is a second idea in the decor, different from the first, and it requires the use of a huge rectangular mirror (blank or laser-made and includes inscriptions) to cover the wall opposite the door in the entrance, provided that the mirror is fixed on the wood material, so that it appears raised from it, and indirect lighting is shed on it. In the middle of the mirror, the wooden shelf stands out. To the left and right of the mirror, and on the material of wood, two pairs of “appliques” are installed for lighting or can be dispensed with, in exchange for arranging a lamp on the shelf and a set of candles and small household accessories.
    Home accessories arranged on the console table top

    This model presents an aesthetic image, in a narrow space, and may be enhanced by a rectangular basin containing green plants.

5 decorating tips

A limited-size bench may replace the entrance

1 The entrance in a small apartment is often dark, so it is appropriate to distribute a group of thin and fashionable “neon” bars last on a plank, with the bars raised from the last, and arranged artistically, to hedge the mirror (or a group of photographs or even paintings).
2 In front of the main wall, where the mirror is located, a hanger is formed from hooks emerging from a mirror, provided that the latter follows the basic design in terms of design.
3 A small bench or a high shoe cabinet attached to a low, artistically designed seating area might replace the entryway.
4 It is remarkable to coordinate between the external entrance to the house, and the internal one, by using natural stone, for example, to cover the walls, in both places, or even mirrors.

The other walls in the entrance are covered in the same material as the main design

5 The other walls follow the main design in terms of the material, and they raise the value of the decor through the accessories hanging on them, such as paintings…

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