Decorating the metro with heritage.. Bab Al Shaeria station is adorned with the story of the ancient neighborhood

Decorating the metro with heritage.. Bab Al Shaeria station is adorned with the story of the ancient neighborhood

In an awareness and educational gesture, the management of the General Authority for the Underground decorated the walls of the “Bab Al Shaeria Metro” station with paintings that tell the story of the Bab Al Shaeria neighborhood, the most famous streets in the neighborhood and the most important landmarks, in addition to what historians have mentioned about the Bab Al Shaeria neighborhood.

The Bab al-Sharia neighborhood is an ancient and ancient popular neighborhood of Cairo. It was known by this name in relation to a group of Berbers, called Banu al-Sha’ariya. The part of the northern wall contains Bab al-Bahr and Bab al-Sharia, and it extended between the northwest corner of the Fatimid Cairo fortress, and between al-Maqs Castle, which was built on the bank of the Nile at that time, and its location was adjacent to the current Awlad Anan Mosque in the place of al-Maqs Mosque, which had been built by the ruler by God’s command. The poetic section remained until the year 1884, when it was recorded in the pamphlet of the Committee for the Preservation of Arab Antiquities in that year that parts of it remained.

According to previous statements by Dr. Mohamed Makkawi, the former dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Zamalek, and the supervisor of the implementation of the metro murals, that each station needs more than 50 design panels for the shape of the station externally and internally by designing the decorations, and I would start with the mural because it is entrusted with distinguishing the station from others.

He adds: In the Ataba station, I referred to the Postal Authority and the Fire Department, which are located in the Attaba, and combined the two ideas in a harmonious manner, unlike the Bab Al-Sharia station, which is considered a popular area.

As for Abdo Pasha station, I found the College of Engineering next to it and tried to highlight its strongest specializations represented in the Department of Construction and the Department of Electronics, and in the Army Station, it expressed the alliance of the army and the people and the emergence of the lotus flower in the form of palms, which indicates that this alliance with strong lines suggesting launch and consider this design one of the most designs Mouthpiece at metro stations.

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