Curved Shapes in Designs 2022

Curved Shapes in Designs 2022

started to appear curved shapes In interior decoration and furnishing design, in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, with the mid-century modernist movement, in particular. However, the aforementioned forms declined in the twentieth century, in favor of straight lines, which accompanied the “modern” and contemporary styles. Currently, the “Corona” pandemic has made people go through difficult stages, closed in their homes, and the desire to enhance the feeling of comfort and ease in the home increased.. Curved shapes were the consequences of the changing decoration fashion.
The use of curved lines in the furniture and decorations of the occupants of the house feels comfortable, soft and streamlined, because the mentioned shapes bring people closer to the non-rectangular nature of its elements, as they resemble the human body.

Classic and modern spaces

Curved lines aren’t limited to “modern” and contemporary spaces (Image via Natuzzi)

Interior designer Sarah Khamis explains to “Madam” that “curved lines are not exclusive to “modern” and contemporary spaces, but rather they stand out in all styles, such as the classic ones, as they are manifested in the arches and facades of external buildings.” And she points out that “the curved lines inside the house look attractive and welcoming, and they make looking at them long, away from controls and restrictions, and they also draw attention to a focal point or a certain feature in the space.”

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Curved furniture

In terms of furnishings, there is the curved sofa, which is called crescent sofa or conversation sofa, because it enhances communication between the seated people, in addition to chairs with circular bases, chairs that represent practical pieces, compared to ordinary ones, especially when two pairs of reclining chairs are distributed in a frame The connection between two spaces. Add to the examples of the furnishings mentioned, and the curved shape stimulated the designers to get creative.
In one space, it is necessary to merge the pieces with curved lines with the pieces of straight shapes, in order to achieve visual balance in the space, knowing that the curves reflect the feminine taste and softness, unlike the straight shapes that impose seriousness and rigor. To balance the décor, you can choose a curved sofa that is dominated by any neutral color, with tables and chairs that are rectilinear.

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‘Artistic’ pieces

The use of curved lines in furniture and decorations makes the occupants feel comfortable, soft and streamlined (Image via Daze)

Engineer Sarah’s question is about the correctness of the link between curved furniture and a spacious space, and she answers it, saying that “a narrow room accommodates the presence of curved furniture, when choosing its pieces in proportion to the size of the space.” She adds that it is necessary to show the piece of furniture curved in shape from all its sides, away from making it lean against the wall, but rather arrange the piece in a place in the middle of the architectural void. Architect Sarah describes the curved furniture as “artistic and functional pieces at the same time,” and says that it “adds joy and vitality to the space.”
The presence of curved shapes is not limited to pieces of furniture, but is also included in the design of ceilings through gypsum works today, noting that in ancient times, most of the shapes were arches and domes, then they soon disappeared, and reappeared again in the era of Antonio Gaudi, The feat of Spanish engineer, who was inspired by all his designs from marine life and curved lines that participated in the design of the walls and partitions as well. It also designed console tables according to curved shapes.
In addition, the carpets decorated with reflective drawings and diagonal lines also promote this trend, and the beds are designed in a way that appears with tilted sides, highlighting this by avoiding choosing a mattress that covers the entire size of the bed or placing the sofa on the edge of the bed.
In the bathroom, the slanted look is accentuated by the soft oval washbasin (or bathtub).

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