Charlie Chaplin’s diet. What did the great actor eat most often?

Charlie Chaplin’s diet.  What did the great actor eat most often?

It has long been known that “food” in one form or another has been a very important part of Charlie Chaplin’s life and art. However, few people know that Charlie used to publish his recipes.

When it comes to food, Charlie Chaplin is most likely associated with the scene in the movie Gold Rush, where he played a needy miner. It was Thanksgiving and all he had to eat was one of his boots, so he is known to have eaten his shoes, according to MorningAdviser.

However, it is clear that this was not his favorite food. In addition, in two other Chaplin films we can see him serving food. For example, in The KidCharlie enjoys a pancake breakfast and a hearty stew dinner.

Chaplin’s recipes in cookbooks

Into the The Great DictatorChaplin’s parody of Hitler, made in 1940, in which Chaplin first spoke on screen, strawberries and mustard are in the spotlight.

Although these are just props for his films, Chaplin, born in London, had other connections with food, having a passion for both savoring and cooking.

Thus, throughout his public life, Charles Chaplin was asked by organizations to donate his favorite recipes to be published in a cookbook, which was to be sold to raise money for charity.

Charlie Chaplin’s apple roll

The first of these was Celebrated Actor-Folks’ Cookies, published in 1916 by Mabel Rowland. In it, Charlie donated a recipe for an apple roll, a photo, an autograph and a comment. In addition, he was known as a lover of steaks and pies, notes the site CharlieChaplin.

In 1952, he and his wife, Oona, left the United States and settled in Switzerland, where the two raised eight children.

Later, in 1972, Charlie Chaplin returned to the United States to receive a special Oscar. In 1975, two years before his death, he was knighted by the queen.

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