Charlie Chaplin was a big lover of steaks and pies. He put mustard on everything, even vanilla biscuits, for coffee

Charlie Chaplin was a big lover of steaks and pies.  He put mustard on everything, even vanilla biscuits, for coffee

Chaplin was a gourmet. In most of his films he had scenes in which he ate. Pancakes with maple syrup in “Kid”, soft boiled eggs in “Circus” or even … boiled leather ice, with laces, in “The Gold Rush”. Beyond the comedy of scenes, Charlie Chaplin loved to eat the best. Especially meat.

He was also a big fan of spices. He used to soak almost anything in sauces, including spreading mustard on sweet coffee biscuits. He made unusual combinations between sweet and savory or hot and all that was vanilla. In many of his films he appears sitting at the table and serving food. For example, in The Kid, Charlie enjoys a pancake breakfast and a hearty stew dinner. In “The Great Dictator”, Chaplin’s parody of Hitler, made in 1940, in which Chaplin first spoke on screen, strawberries and mustard (couldn’t be without!) Are in the spotlight. Although these were just props for his films, Chaplin, born in London, had other connections with food, having a passion for both savoring and cooking. Throughout his life, Charles Chaplin was asked by organizations to donate his favorite recipes to be published in a cookbook, which was to be sold to raise money for charity.

Charlie Chaplin’s apple roll

Not only did they make apple pies with the eye of the Great Vagabond, but they also made the roll … obviously also with apples, which he cooked himself. The first of the recipe books was Celebrated Actor-Folks’ Cookeries, published in 1916 by Mabel Rowland. In it, Charlie donated a recipe for an apple roll, a photo, an autograph and a comment. In addition, he was known as a lover of steaks and pies, especially those with apples, notes the site CharlieChaplin.

Eat sweet boiled eggs and mustard pancakes

Few know that Chaplin used to eat boiled eggs after first rolling them in cherry jam or berry jelly. He liked “weird” combinations, and acquaintances knew his preferences. He confessed in his biographical notes that, as a child, he liked American pancakes, not with maple syrup and butter on top, but … with mustard. “Maybe because I was poor and I couldn’t always afford maple syrup,” was his confession to relatives.

In 1952, he and his wife, Oona, left the United States and settled in Switzerland, where the two raised eight children. Later, in 1972, Charlie Chaplin returned to the United States to receive a special Oscar. In 1975, two years before his death, he was knighted by the queen.


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