Buthaina Al-Raisi in New Look Bold Hair Farewell to 2021

Buthaina Al-Raisi in New Look Bold Hair Farewell to 2021

Buthaina Al-Raisi seems to have chosen to bid farewell to the year 2021 with a bold and renewed hair look, so she adopted the very short hair, a look that she had previously adopted last year, and thus abandoned her medium-length hair with a curry cut, and reviewed her latest look from inside a beauty salon, so follow with us the details of her bold look. With short hair.

Buthaina Al-Raisi with a new look with bold hair

Omani actress Buthaina Al Raisi decided to end the year 2021 by cutting her hair in a renewed and daring style, so she abandoned her medium-length hair and went in favor of short, layered hair, with short bangs from the front.

Buthaina reviewed her new hair look from inside a beauty salon, and commented: when Satan begs you for 4 days, and after some, this will be the result !!. Is it long or short?? “.

The audience interacted with Buthaina’s new haircut, considering that it suits her very well and makes her look modern, while others chose her long hair, considering it more feminine.

Previous hair looks for Buthaina Al-Raisi

Buthaina Al-Raisi is distinguished by her renewed choices in terms of makeup and hair, and this year she wore medium-length curry haircuts with soft hairstyles with straight and straight tufts, and she also added highlights to her blue tufts in a bold fashion.

She also wore the long wig that she used in her latest acting roles, while she preferred to stick to the color of her dark hair in the year 2021, a shade of chestnut brown.

Watch the video, Buthaina Al-Raisi’s latest new look in farewell to 2021, and what do you think of her look?

The attached photos are from Buthaina’s main Instagram account.

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