Business from scratch. Corina and Mădălin Simon have invested 50,000 euros in a German food truck, with which they go to the big music festivals in the country

Business from scratch.  Corina and Mădălin Simon have invested 50,000 euros in a German food truck, with which they go to the big music festivals in the country

♦ ZA German Wurst Wagen started in 2016, and currently the business has two food trucks and a fixed location in a store in Bucharest.

Corina and Mădălin Simon have invested 50,000 euros in ZA German Wurst Wagen, a German food truck, and every year they go to the big music festivals in the country, such as Untold, Neversea, Summerwell, but also to various events. The business started in 2016, when the niche of food trucks was just beginning and there were only a few players in the market, and now it sells fast food such as hot dogs and sausages.

“In 2016, I went to several local events related to street food and local gastronomy, where I saw the first food trucks in Romania, we really liked the idea because I also have a culinary passion, I like to cook and I travel to gourmet destinations, and the opportunity I saw then seemed extraordinary to me. In 2015-2016, they were the first such events, I think they were a kind of division of some restaurants that had stands, I don’t think I saw an actual food truck, only then did they appear “, says Mădălin Simon.

Before starting the business, the entrepreneurs made a business plan and analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of such a business. The food truck market was in its infancy at the time, and most of the existing players focused on burgers, pizza, or sweets. “We realized that there are a lot of burger food trucks, followed by pizza and others, many made desserts, pancakes. We thought about not making burgers, and one of the top five categories was hot dogs, ”he explains.

Following this decision, the two analyzed all the markets where sausages are a local specialty, so he chose the United States, the Nordic countries and Germany, where he traveled to find meat producers that meet the criteria he wanted. In 2016, Mădălin and Corina Simon went to Germany, where they found the right meat for the hot dog that was to be sold at the food truck.

Entrepreneurs turned to local producers for the first time, but did not find any local supplier with a production capacity that matched the needs of their business. “We went to small local producers and asked them if they could make us according to our recipe, but unfortunately we did not find the productivity mix willingly.

Those who wanted, could not do as much as we wanted, a festival requires large volumes in a short time, if every week we had festivals we needed large quantities every few days, and the big ones who had the opportunity did not have the desire to produce , they are too big and to diversify with a few products, it is not a business for them “, says Mădălin Simon.

The business was officially opened in 2017 and started with a single food truck, but now ZA German Wurst Wagen has two such vehicles. In the last two years, the food truck segment has been severely affected by restrictions on the organization of events.

“There were a few more events last year, 2021 was probably 25-30% compared to sales in 2019. For this year we are optimistic, we even have contracts for the current year with almost all major events, but we do not know how it will influence this war the market of events and consumption. “

The initial investment, ie the purchase and arrangement of the food truck, reached about 50,000 euros, but the total amount includes the costs of food storage, as well as staff costs.

In addition to the two food trucks, which go to various festivals and events during the summer, under the ZA German Wurst Wagen brand there is also a fixed location in a Mega Image store in Bucharest.

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