Business from scratch. Adriana Iancu brought the Love at First Bite cake brand to over 60,000 euros in 2021, three years after opening

Business from scratch.  Adriana Iancu brought the Love at First Bite cake brand to over 60,000 euros in 2021, three years after opening

♦ Up to 2,000 cakes come out of the Love at First Bite craft lab during the Easter season.

Adriana Iancu decided four years ago to move from a technical field, a company that imported concrete steel and tin, to cakes, already having a passion for cooking. This is how the Love at First Bite brand appeared, a cake and cake workshop in the Capital, following an investment of 27,000 euros, set up in 2019.

“I worked in a completely different field from what I do now, I was a commercial director at a company that imported and sold concrete, steel and tin. I wanted to do something, I always had the inclination to cook, to try recipes, but not sweet, at most I made pancakes. I enrolled in a cooking class, I started in January 2018, it lasted six months. I started making sweets at home, to give them to neighbors, relatives “, said Adriana Iancu, the founder of the Love at First Bite cake workshop.

Starting with 2019, the cake workshop also received the operating license, and later the trend was to increase, with more and more customers. In fact, from the very beginning of her business, the founder invested her profit in equipment and raw materials.

“We have a craft laboratory, we even create the products. If the customer has a certain preference, we customize the product as he wishes. For us, taste matters. We try to be in trend all the time and with natural ingredients, we can bend and adapt according to their wishes “, Adriana Iancu also explained.

She mentioned that she does not work on stocks, customers can order the products online on the website, depending on their preferences. However, to meet the demand of the neighbors of the confectionery laboratory, the entrepreneur works with a local store to display some cakes in a shop window. Georgiana Mihalache

“Customers are young people who generally have a child or two and who want to eat healthy. They are very well anchored people in reality, they want to eat a good product. The price is somewhere between 130-150 lei per kilogram of cake “, Adriana Iancu also said.

The raw material for the products generally comes from local producers, but for the ingredients that are not found on the Romanian market, the entrepreneur uses those produced abroad, such as Belgian chocolate, for example.

“I think our biggest advantage was that we adapted to the pandemic. In 2021 we started to recover slowly. The typology of orders has changed, large cakes of 6-7 kg for parties have become 2 kg. It’s the same work, no matter how much, it’s the same process, but the costs are higher, “said Love at First Bite founder.

However, despite the challenges, the turnover in 2021 was 60,000 euros, says the entrepreneur, double compared to the previous year.

“My dream is to open a confectionery in the center or towards the northern part of the Capital. I don’t want to expand too much, I grew organically, it’s like my baby. Customers are the ones who grow us, sales are very important “, explained Adriana Iancu.

She added that although she has the training of an economist, when she started the business she did not rely on calculations and business plan and, although it is difficult, the life of an entrepreneur is also pleasant, when it comes from passion.

“I am also fed by a message that I receive from a happy client, they give me the energy to move on. As an entrepreneur, you need perseverance, hard work and involvement. Without them you do nothing. When it comes to passion, it’s perfect, forget about the sleepless nights “, concluded Adriana Iancu. Georgiana Mihalache

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