Basic ideas for a comfortable home full of positive energy

Basic ideas for a comfortable home full of positive energy

Some colors, accessories and additions to the home are enough to make it comfortable, and loaded with energy, noting that these additions are inexpensive, and relate to inspiration from nature, and employing elements of it. In the following, interior designer Rana Abu Faisal lists a set of ideas aimed at attracting positive energy to the home.

For a comfortable and full of energy home, room ventilation must be given importance, according to the engineer, Rana, so that the residents live in a healthy, airy environment, in addition to benefiting from sunlight, through the design of huge windows, avoiding making thick curtains for them, and decorating with seedlings. Natural, freshly cut flowers, and home fragrance. Engineer Rana calls for bringing other elements of nature inside the house, such as a fish tank, as aquatic creatures indicate wellness, or raising a turtle in the garden or “terrace” because the turtle indicates positive energy.

The engineer recommends distributing photographs or striking oil paintings in stimulating colors, as well as employing mirrors in room decorations. In addition, household elements that soothe the people of the house, and positively affect their moods, include hearing the murmur of water by designing a small pond in the garden or even inside the house.
Some colors are enough to make the house full of energy

On the other hand, the engineer advises to reduce the pieces of furniture present in the house, as well as the elements that occupy the walls, and to use natural materials, such as bamboo, for example, whatever the nature of its use (furniture, garden furniture, insulation between two rooms, or home accessories…).
Decorations “refresh” the corners of the house

In the following, Engineer Rana lists a set of decorating ideas aimed at attracting positive energy to the house:

Distribute the furniture in a way that allows freedom of movement, taking advantage of the natural light from the windows, without obscuring it with the furnishings.
Arrange the dining table with a picture of natural flowers on its surface, with a mirror placed opposite the table.

Decorating with flowers beautifies the house, and helps make it full of energy

Follow a simple style in the decor, with the use of green plants in more than one place, such as the space near the main sofa, and the side lighting units.
Employing a small percentage of warm colors (yellow, for example) in the house, in order to spread joy.

Yellow is a color that brings joy to the interior of the house

Distribute panels containing motivating or laughing sayings at the entrance to the house or in any other room.

From the advice of the interior designer, distributing paintings that include motivating sayings

It is known that the elephant brings good luck according to some cultures, so it is possible to hang a painting or a photograph of this animal or distribute accessories that are models of it.
Distribute the fruits in noticeable dishes in the kitchen.

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