At Easter, you can find the most delicious dishes at the Spring Park, of the Timiș County Council, including the Resurrection service


You can find the most delicious dishes now at the Spring Park, at the Banat Village Museum, at the Timișoara Green Forest, especially since it will be open, including during Easter 2022.

You can choose from savory specialties, burgers, grill, cooked food or sweet, pancakes, Kürtőskalács and donuts.

During the work week, you can take a lunch break right here! There are specially arranged places where you can dine, relax or why not, even work.

The spring park is open from 12:00 until 23:00, every day until April 25 inclusive.

The Spring Park at the Banat Village Museum awaits visitors with traditional Romanian music, but also at the Resurrection service. There will also be a Damian & Brothers recital.

The last days of the festival come with a rich cultural offer, for all tastes, so that even the little ones and their families can reconnect to the simple things, to the green surroundings of the city and to its recreational capacity.

“We aim to bring together different generations of Timisoara residents, and through their presence to revitalize the Village Museum, to transform it into a space of constructive change. I believe that the cultural program of the event will unleash the positive energy of the public and thus we will warm up for what Timișoara, the European Capital of Culture, will mean “, said Alin Nica, the president of the Timiș County Council.

One of the most valuable voices of popular music in Romania, Grigore Leșe, will resound on the main stage of the Banat Village Museum, on Friday, April 22, at 9 p.m.

On Saturday, at midnight, the Resurrection service will gather the faithful in a specially arranged space, and on Monday, on the second day of the holiday, Damian & Brothers will perform, perfect musicians who will combine various and numerous musical styles. a sophisticated sound ensemble.



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