Amazing ideas and designs if your apartment is 60 square meters or less.. “You will feel spacious”

Amazing ideas and designs if your apartment is 60 square meters or less.. “You will feel spacious”

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Wednesday 16 February 2022

I wrote – Amira Helmy

Large spaces always make us feel comfortable and free to move around the house. In this report, we review great ideas for creating a large area if you have a small house that does not exceed 60 square meters, according to home designing.

You need to take into account many things such as the size and shape of the furniture, the lighting of the place, the colors of the walls and everything related to the interior decoration.

– Nesting rooms

In apartments of 60 square meters, interior designers resort to concentrating most of the vital rooms in one place, which is facing the entrance, where the dining room and the living room are located, overlooking the balconies and the kitchen.

– Empty space

Interior designers always take into account leaving large spaces between the furniture, by relying on the sizes of simple, elegant, modern and practical luggage in terms of space and always away from the huge, the empty spaces between the furniture make you feel comfortable and give a sense of spaciousness in addition to being comfortable for the eye.

– Exploiting walls

This was not intended to put the furniture next to the walls, but to rely on the exploitation of those walls to be places for storage and decoration, using shelves and coloring them in harmonious degrees of white and gray and using quiet accessories in the open shelves and allocating the lower part of them to be cabinets.

– lighting

Lighting is one of the main factors that give beauty, comfort and a sense of spaciousness if implemented correctly. Relying on natural lighting is one of the most important methods of creating a comfortable space for the nerves, and this is done by relying on large-sized windows in the vital areas of the apartment.

– Size and color of the table

The dining room is one of the vital rooms in the apartment that occupies a large area that may make you feel cramped sometimes, so you should choose a table that is as practical as possible with a rectangular design, and there are tables that are easy to fold, close and put in less space.

Taking into account that the table is free of decorations and inscriptions, and choosing the color of the table from the same color as other pieces of furniture so that there is no visual dissonance, in addition to choosing small and practical chairs.

– open kitchens

Small spaces are better to rely on the open American kitchen, take advantage of the walls and leave the space in the middle for freedom of movement, while using large windows to give a feeling of more space.

The use of a single color in the exterior surface and kitchen units gives you a sense of comfort, calm and spaciousness.

– bathrooms

In the bathroom, it is preferable to rely on light colors that are consistent with the colors of the entire apartment, which is an ideal way to design an elegant home at lower costs, as there will be no multiple colors, no customized accessories or various materials for wall decoration, and the mirror element in the bathroom makes you feel space, in addition to relying on built-in cabinets in the sink To put towels, bathrobes and showers.

General tips to help you choose the decorations and furniture for your home, especially in small spaces:

– Avoid large-sized furniture, you can replace the sofa with comfortable and practical chairs.

The uniformity of the color of the furniture inside and out makes you feel psychological and visual comfort.

Use parquet or ceramic floors, and reduce the use of carpets because it narrows the space.

– In the children’s room, you can rely on the bunk bed to give more space.

– One of the most important needs that you use in small apartments, is the storage space, represented by the units attached to the beds, the sides and the bottom of the beds.

The presence of large mirrors in the rooms, give a sense of spaciousness and help to distribute the lighting better.

– In small bedrooms, you can use wall-mounted shelves to place accessories, books and lampshades, beige wood floors and full-height curtains are preferred in bedrooms.

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