Adham Nabulsi hair and beard styles in 2021

Adham Nabulsi hair and beard styles in 2021
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after announcing Artist Adham Nabulsi retires from singingIn the album above, we show you the most prominent hair styles, beards and mustaches Adham Nabulsiwith knowledge of the types of hair styles and mustaches for men.

To choose the right haircut for a man, you must first know your face shape; This is to find out the right haircut for you, by measuring your forehead, cheekbones, jaw and the length of your face from the middle of your hairline to your chin. Compare the measurements and dimensions to find out the best description of your face shape as follows:

  • oval face: An oval shape requires a face longer than it is wide and a forehead larger than a rounded jaw line.
  • square face: A square face shape occurs when all measurements are the same but with a sharp, chiseled jaw.
  • Round face: The round face shape has the same dimensions and lengths as well, but with a soft jawline that is less defined.
  • long face: A long face shape requires that the length of the face be the longest measurement so that the forehead, jaw line, and cheekbones are approximately the same size.
  • diamond face: The diamond face shape is found when it measures the largest forehead length, followed by the cheekbones, forehead, and jawline with a sharp, pointed chin.
  • triangle face: A triangular face shape appears when the jaw line is larger than the cheekbones, and the cheeks are larger than the forehead.

short chin

A favorite option for some young people, and it appeared in it Adham Nabulsi In several looks, to get the shape of the short chin, you have to shrink it by cutting the hair on one level and then outlining the outlines on your neck.

round chin

This shape of the chin is desired by many men, and this beard was called the “round beard” because it depends on the meeting of the mustache with the chin to look like a circular beard, all you need is a regular shave and trimming it to stay sharp, and use a razor to define the chin in a circular .

goatee chin

It is similar to a round chin, but differs from it in that the entire chin is shaved with the mustache and part of the chin at the chin, the hair should be fuller and should be just a hint of a round shape. The goatee doesn’t look pretty on round faces.

classic chin

We see it on the different faces of men, and it is the traditional chin, where the hair is present in a little or a large amount in the beard, and the same length of the mustache. To get this chin, you have to trim your chin and make your mustache neat and clean.

round face

If you have a round face; Make sure that the chin is long from below at the chin, in order to add some length to the face; lest it look too wide. Avoid wavy sideburns, and make sure the sides of the beard are as short as possible.

Instead of a full chin, the goatee is a good choice for a round face. The idea here is to give the face some length at the chin while shaving the sides or shortening them completely.

long face

Unlike a round face, a long face needs a thicker chin at the sides and shorter at the bottom at the chin. The goal is to add some volume to the sides; So the face looks shorter.

square face

Like a round face, a square face needs a chin that is short at the sides and long at the bottom; To give the face some extra length. It is also better to make the shape of the chin from the bottom circular and not square. The goatee is also a good option for men who have this face.

big face

In the case of a large face, having short hair may make it appear larger than usual. Therefore, it is better to maintain a thick and long beard all the time, while keeping the mustache long as well. (And follow the previous rules for the shape of the face).

little face

A little face needs short hair on it; Long chin hair makes the face almost invisible and out of the ordinary (also follow the previous rules for the shape of the face).

oval face

If you have this face, you are in luck; The oval shape is considered the ideal shape for the face, and it does not require much attention to the shape of the chin; So it seems balanced. Do whatever you like, choose your beard style, and you’ll look great anyway.

thick mustache

One of the distinctive types of mustache and beard styles, and it is characterized by a heavy and thick mustache, and prominent forward, with the letters bent, and the beard is long and organized. ; Because this story will require attention to the mustache and chin, especially because of their density.

light mustache

The light mustache is one of the easiest types of mustache, and it depends on leaving the mustache with a short length, and you can control its length, and is suitable for people with light hair, and gives a youthful appearance and is suitable for the ages of twenties, and it does not need extreme care like other types of mustaches.

Sharp goatee

It is one of the types of mustache that is characterized by sophistication and luxury at the same time, as it shows you an attractive and elegant appearance, especially as it suits practical looks, which is cutting the chin and mustache across the circumference of the mouth, and the beard is short and not thick.

round goatee

One of the types of goatee cuts, based on a circular shape, and very popular among young people; Because it has a sweet and elegant appearance, but it also needs effort in cutting to be in an even circular shape around the mouth.

English mustache

It is the usual mustache for elderly foreign men, because it dates back to the last century, and the mustache is thick and long, covering the lips, and it needs great care because it mixes with food and drink.

short mustache

It is a thick mustache, short in length, and is considered old in terms of appearance and was distinguished by men in the forties of the last century.

brush mustache

It is a mustache that resembles a paintbrush, and it is considered very thick and short, and it resembles the mustaches of grandparents in cartoons, and it is suitable for the elderly.

pyramid mustache

It is a mustache in the form of a thick pyramid, which is a thick mustache on the side of the nose and falls on the lips with less intensity.

Triangle mustache

It is a thick mustache with a triangular beard, and it suits people with brown beards and blonde skin, and its fashion goes back to the countries of Europe in the old days.

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