A new accommodation center for refugees in Ukraine, opened in Chisinau | PUBLIC .MD

A new accommodation center for refugees in Ukraine, opened in Chisinau |  PUBLIC .MD

The “Holy Trinity” Christian Center in the capital has opened its doors wide to Ukrainian women and children who have fled the war. Arriving in Chisinau, the refugees receive shelter and food and are helped to reach European Union countries.

“After we bring them to our center in Chisinau, on Dacia 13, they carry out an investigation as to where and where they are going. How many people, how many days. ”

Alexandru Malancea coordinates all the activity of the center, where around 15 volunteers work.

“We have a big dining room downstairs, we put mattresses on the floor, sleeping bags, and the flow is about a hundred people. Here they have lunch, lunch, dinner and anytime, at any time, medical help, because they are mothers with children “, mentioned Alexandru Malancea, founder of the Christian center.

Three chefs prepare food for refugees.

“Today there will be soup with peas and meat, and in the same way two baked potatoes and salad. It’s not easy to work in the kitchen either, we all know that, but we have people who help us, even refugees often come to help us “, said Ana Chistruga.

“We work from morning to night, to succeed because there is a lot of work, there are many people and we must be able to feed them all. We made pancakes, pies now, here we put the potatoes in the oven. “

Ludmila Malancea is the coordinator of the center and is involved in all daily activities.

“Look how many clothes, we practically don’t succeed, there are a lot of people and we need time to wash after each one. Now we realized that we have to work much harder, but we do it with pleasure, “said Ludmila Malancea, coordinator of the Christian center.

And the teachers at the center do their best for the little ones to take part in group activities with other children.

“We care about the children of these refugee families. I would like the children to feel good too, to forget all the tragedy they went through and are still going through. ”

A mobile team of doctors from the Capital provides border assistance.

“Refugees stay in line for hours, under stress, low temperatures, there are some health problems such as high blood pressure. The children are suffering from a cold, “said Salima Bătrînciuc, a nurse.

Refugees who have reached the Christian center are impressed with the way they are treated.

“People received us very well, thank you very much for that. We also have a place to sleep, the bedding is new, they feed us. Everything is fine, thank you. ”

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