5 decorating ideas to amplify the corridors

5 decorating ideas to amplify the corridors

Whether it is the corridors that lead to the bedrooms or those that precede the reception area, the design of these sections in the house is not without art, attractiveness and luxury. In this context, interior design engineer Najat Al-Hajj introduces “Madam.net” readers to a set of ideas to help achieve luxurious decorations in the corridors of the house.

Decoration ideas for the corridors

‘Poster’ on the corridor wall, marked by a bold paint color, as well as two pairs of plant pots.

Engineer Najat calls for the application of the following ideas in decoration, when wanting to make the corridors’ decorations characterized by luxury:

Interior Design Engineer Najat Al-Hajj
  • Distribute the “posters” over the area of ​​the corridor walls, in a symmetrical or asymmetric way, so that they seem to lead one’s way. Note that in the case of identical “posters” on the walls, there is a feeling of elegance and artistry that prevails in the space, with the importance of choosing the colors of the “posters”, carefully, such as black and white for example, or several shades of green…

    Black and white photographs, framed and symmetrically placed in the corridor

    In this context, the engineer, Najat, drew attention to another idea that emerged from the first, which is to fill one of the walls with paintings of multiple sizes.

  • The walls of the corridor are covered with natural wood that appears porous, painted or engraved with Moroccan or oriental inscriptions (Arabesque), or with huge panels (French panels), which withstand drilling in the case of a classic-style house, with indirect lighting on them.
French panels clad the corridor walls
  • Concealing the doors in the corridors, so that the artworks stand out exclusively, through the huge paintings (or wooden slats or shelves) that are installed in the places of the doors, so they are hidden from the viewer.
Whatever the material used to cover the ceiling or decorate it, it must be coordinated with other decorative works in the corridor
  • Choosing the floor with a noticeable and prominent image for a distinctive design or combining several types of stone (marble, mosaic…) on the floor,
  • In the picture, the design work distributed on the floors and walls of the corridor is remarkable

    Or follow the design work on the floor to the walls or spread a luxurious carpet.

In the picture, the decoration work is concentrated on the walls, in the corridor of the house

  • Whatever the material used to cover the ceiling, it is necessary to coordinate between the aforementioned design and that of the walls and the floor.

Aisle lighting

Three sources of light must be illuminated on the corridor

In addition to the aforementioned ideas, the architect Najat attaches great importance to lighting, and says that “in the corridor, like other parts of the house, it aims either to suggest the largeness of the small space or to make the mentioned place seem more luxurious. To achieve this, three sources must be highlighted. of lighting on the driveway, no matter how much sunlight he knows.”

In the photo, the light sources are focused on the ceiling, with the presence of two pairs of floor lamps

She adds that “the three sources may be concentrated on the ceiling or distributed between it, the wall and the floor, and are represented by direct and indirect lighting, according to the desire of the homeowner.” And she points out that “the floor lighting in the corridor is helpful, especially at night when it is needed while moving from one section of the house to another, without the need for strong lighting, and the floor lighting makes the wall hangings look attractive. As for the lighting on the walls, its aim is to highlight the works. it or its accessories.

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