150 to 800 dirhams per person in Ramadan tents in Dubai

150 to 800 dirhams per person in Ramadan tents in Dubai

Ramadan tents are an outlet for many families looking to spend different Ramadan nights, after they were deprived of them for two years as a result of the Corona crisis.

Khiam in Dubai offers a rich program of sumptuous Iftar and Suhoor meals belonging to different cultures, in a unique Ramadan atmosphere in which banquets are transformed into an arena for oriental and classic tunes.

The “Vision” monitored a group of distinctive Ramadan tents in Dubai, with different prices ranging from 150 to 800 dirhams per person, including a list of the most delicious Ramadan foods and drinks, and various artistic and musical performances..

Asateer, the famous tent, returns to its location at Atlantis, the Palm, with a new look, offering a wide variety of traditional Arabic dishes, including kebabs, shawarma, Arabic grills, and others, in addition to the most delicious traditional sweets and a variety of ice cream and chocolates.

During Suhoor, guests can order from a special menu and enjoy the entertainment program.

Breakfast prices in the Asateer tent start from 240 dirhams per person from Monday to Thursday, and from 260 dirhams per person from Friday to Sunday.

While the Suhoor meal starts from 10 pm to 3 pm, the minimum spending on the Suhoor meal is 170 dirhams per person..

Whereas, the breakfast price in the Majlis tent at the Dubai World Trade Center starts from 165 dirhams per person, while the Suhoor meal starts from 500 and reaches 800 dirhams in the lounge.

As for Amasina tent at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai, the breakfast price starts from 249 dirhams per person, while Suhoor starts from 35 dirhams with an order from the special menu..

As for the Majlis tent in Madinat Jumeirah, breakfast prices start from 220 dirhams per person, while the price of the Suhoor meal varies according to demand. The traditional table starts from 185 dirhams per person, while the price of a table with round sofas for ten people starts from 285 dirhams per person. As for the Majlis table, which accommodates ten people, it starts from 345 dirhams per person.

As for the tent of the Global Majlis in the Global Village, which is back again this year, the value of breakfast in a table that accommodates 6 people is about 150 dirhams, and if you want to extend the session until after iftar, the fees reach 200 dirhams..

As for Dubai Opera in Downtown, it offers a unique Ramadan atmosphere in the theater hall, which will be transformed into a hall for Iftar banquets, in which it offers luxurious and delicious food in a sophisticated atmosphere and unique design, with live playing of oriental and classical melodies. The breakfast buffet includes a variety of classic Arabic and international dishes, as well as fresh food preparation platforms, and a variety of Ramadan sweets and juices.

The cost of breakfast starts from 290 dirhams per person and 145 dirhams for children from 5 to 12 years old.

Finally, the tent of the SLS Dubai Hotel, which is located on the 75th floor with a wonderful view of the city and distinctive Arabic decorations, where this unique experience on the rooftop of the hotel can accommodate only fifty guests. And the

The breakfast menu includes a special selection of appetizers and soups, and the breakfast price starts from 185 dirhams.

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